@Skyie: @Drakon You do know that your complaining for a free service...
when trying to create a free shell
 Draknon   Feb 17 2018
@Skyie: Shells are created instantly, try checking/refreshing https:...
Taking a really long time to create a shell...
 asmintrix   Dec 19 2017
@Skyie: Thanks [b]@jicjoc [/b]:). Subscribe to me for posting Update...
Google Search Script.
 Skyie   Jun 03 2017
@Skyie: Done. :D
xShellz is awarding 5 paid memberships
 StephenS   May 21 2017
@Skyie: Updated! Thanks for the info. @Staff
How to host a SHOUTcast stream on your shell. (Paid shells only)
 Skyie   May 26 2017