May 26 2017

How to host a SHOUTcast stream on your shell. (Paid shells only)
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This is a tutorial showing you on how to host a SHOUTcast stream on your XShellz shell (paid).

1. Download the latest version of SHOUTcast DNAS Manually. (Goto their website here and register for an account, after registering you will be prompted two options, Select the ShOUTcast (DNAS) service option. You will be redirected to your SHOUTcast stream-account page where you can download the latest DNAS 64-bit version file)

2. Upload the DNAS file from to your FTP client. (Now upload the file to your shells directory using a FTP client i.e FileZilla Or WinSCP)

3. Chmod sc_serv and from 0644 to 0777. (Now type "chmod 777 sc_serv" and "chmod 777" in the console one-by-one)

chmod 777 sc_serv

chmod 777

4. Execute ./ to create and to setup the server. (Now type "./" in the console. After finishing, Goto http://:8000 which is in your browser to create your server, Fill in the required informations/details and create a Stream)


5. Execute ./sc_serv to start the server. (After finsihing the browser configuration, Goto your console and type "./sc_serv" to start your SHOUTcast server)


6. Add some Music and Your ready to go. (Start the server and its ready to stream and play some music)

Have Doubts/Questions? Please comment down below on the post or email me at BLinuxYT[at]

Didn't uderstand the tutorial? Check out the video tutorial here then.

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Running a ShoutCast server is not allowed on our Free shells. It's clearly mentioned in our TOS .
Som    May 26 2017
I agree with Som. Tutorial should be edited and free shell feature for shoutcast removed. So only paid shells are allowed to run shoutcast servers.
Staff StephenS    May 26 2017
As well as above statements, I believe the "freeport" shell command would need to be used (unless you had your own dedicated ip address) to find an open port to use on a paid shared host (this can be edited in the config file by changing the "serverport=8080" value).
DBG    May 26 2017
Updated! Thanks for the info. @Staff
Skyie    May 26 2017

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