About Us
Meet our team
Stefan C. StephenS
Web & System Administrator.
Øyvind H. bolt
System Administrator & Developer.
Joe N. |GoW|
IRC helper
Såpete M. saapete
System Administrator, Customer Service
Aaron C. Crucio
IRC channel leader & Support Staff.
Aba F. trttl
Customer Service
Somsubhra D. Somsubhra1
IRC helper

xShellz was created

12 May 2009

Stefan during his studies in high-school created xShellz. He wanted to provide free services to everyone, so they can gain new knowledge easily.

#xShellz freenode channel

10 Apr 2010

xShellz has created it first irc channel on irc network freenode, with the name, well #xShellz

20 Jun 2011

xshellz.com domain

xshellz.com domain was registered and hosted on our private server.

bolt joined

20 Jun 2010

bolt has joined xShellz Team and provided extraordinary help to make xShellz fully automatized and stable.

saapete joined

12 July 2012

saapete joined and provided marvelous support for our customers, along with managing xShellz servers.

crucio joined

15 Nov 2015

crucio joined xShellz crew and provided awesome feedback and maintained our community clean and free from abusers.

12 Sep 2016

trttl joined

trttl has been very helpful in #xShellz irc channel and became moderator of it, along with managing and customizing shell accounts, for our users.

|Gow| joined

03 Jan 2017

|GoW| is a swiss based fella, which helps and manages xShellz projects and phabricator services.

08 Apr 2017

Som joined

Som is the youngest of us all, but with the big spirit. His knowledge and ability to understand everything with lightening speed, allows him to provide extra support for our members.

08 August 2021

xShellz created channel on Libera network

xShellz moved official channel #xshellz to irc.libera.chat

Locations & Headquarters
  • This is privately held project and it's hosted by the xShellz Group.
  • If you have any further questions about us, feel free to contact us here.
  • Our headquarters are placed in Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas for further improvement, please contact us.
  • You can reach us via email: admin [at] xshellz.com
  • We process your payments via online payment processors which automatically process taxes. We are not part of Inc. nor company establishment in Serbia.