Feb 17 2018

when trying to create a free shell
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<div class="forumtopic">I was just wondering how long it takes to set up a shell?
7 days ago - Draknon

Shell creation is down for a few days. It will be back soon. You can still buy a paid shell and it will be set up instantly. https://www.xshellz.com/pricing .
6 days ago - xShellz Staff


come on people, give us the strait info... no more bs</div>
@Drakon You do know that your complaining for a free service that your recieveing for no cost whatsoever,

So stop being so cocky here and go find a free shell service like xshellz elsewhere... (good luck finding one, since it does not exist)
Skyie    Feb 18 2018
I'm complaining that we are not being told the truth... " a few days" has turned into months for some people.. do you think that is asking for too much to want the truth? If it's gonna be a few months, say so...

as for receiving.. not only I but several others are NOT.. so for right now, it doesn't exist here either.

And why would I pay for a service that I don't know if it is going to work for me?

also, you might want to look up the definition of "cocky"
Draknon    Feb 18 2018
The new server is configured but we are not ready to launch it yet, since we need to test all possible cases to ensure its going to work properly. We thought its going to take a few days, but it turns out that once we started testing, we need to cover more problems and so on and so fourth. It should be ready by the end of the month though.
Staff StephenS    Feb 19 2018
cool, see, that is what I wanted to hear, the truth... thank you
Draknon    Feb 19 2018
Free shell creation is finally allowed. Thanks for waiting, we have tested the server and updated kernel.
Staff StephenS    Feb 27 2018
And yet almost a day later my shell is still in creating mode and no way for me to stop it before creating another. Is there anything that can be done or do I have to just create a new account?
Draknon    Feb 28 2018
The easiest way would be to create a new account (or wait until friday when we're releasing recreate shell button)
Staff StephenS    Feb 28 2018
Draknon    Feb 28 2018

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