xShellz is awarding 5 paid memberships
May 21 2017

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Precondition: Must be a member of xShellz with an active account.

Task: Write 5 tutorials on any tech related topic here.

Post a comment in this thread that you have written 5 tutorials and expect a reward, which is free membership for xShellz paid plan for 2 years.

[Note]: Tutorials must be written by you and not copied from some external website.

-xShellz Team.
i have written 5 tutorials , thanks
surfboykj    May 21 2017
Hello, you have copied 5 tutorials and not written them, we require our users to write tutorials and not to copy them from different sources, also you should format your code in your tutorials and utilize [code] bbc tags.
Staff StephenS    May 21 2017
Done. :D
Skyie    May 28 2017
@AutoBotIRC we have reviewed your tutorials and have confirmed that you won paid membership plan.

4 memberships plans left.
Staff StephenS    May 29 2017
Congratulations to @Skyie
Som    May 30 2017
Congratulations to every contester, I might give it a try.
steff    Jun 01 2017
I wrote some basic tutorials -- hope they are useful!
sparc    Jun 21 2017
That is a short snippet and cannot be considered as a tutorial(s).
Staff StephenS    Jun 22 2017
Competition has ended. Thanks to all contestants.
Staff StephenS    Jul 06 2017

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