@DBG: = localhost, which means the xShellz server you ar...
How to connect to a tor hidden service network.
 Skyie   May 26 2017
@DBG: This is also why the "freeport" shell command exists, to hel...
Port sharing?
 AlFayeed   May 16 2017
@DBG: As well as above statements, I believe the "freeport" shell ...
How to host a SHOUTcast stream on your shell. (Paid shells only)
 Skyie   May 26 2017
@DBG: I assume you are referring to znc (if not feel free to corre...
Cannot connect to webadmin
 dressedwell   May 11 2017
@DBG: Cheers; it's nice that the IRC channel will just be for rand...
xShellz 2.0 stable has been released
 StephenS   Apr 30 2017