May 26 2017

How to connect to a tor hidden service network.
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In this tutorial i will be showing you, how to connect to a tor hidden service networks (irc.*.onion) through weechat using your server/vps.

1. Run Weechat. ( Start Weechat on your shells as you usually do.)


Optional: make an alias to start weechat to something shorter and simplier, for example:
alias weechat='weechat-curses'

2. Connect to the Tor Socks5 proxy. (Now we will connect to the Tor Socks5 proxy at using Weechat.)

/proxy add tor socks5 9050

3. Create a server on Weechat. (After adding the proxy, we now need to create a new server. I will be using Freenode's hidden service in this tutorial as an excample)

/server add FreenodeTor ajnvpgl6prmkb7yktvue6im5wiedlz2w32uhcwaamdiecdrfpwwgnlqd.onion/6697

/set irc.server.FreenodeTor.ssl on

4. Set the proxy as Tor. (Now we should set the server's proxy as tor)

/set irc.server.FreenodeTor.proxy "tor"

5. Define Authentication. (Now we have to define username and password for SASL authentication, otherwise user's connection will not go through)

/set irc.server.FreenodeTor.sasl_username "XShellzUser"

/set irc.server.FreenodeTor.sasl_password "IKnoUrPazword"

6. Connect to Freenode over Tor. (After finishing up everything, Now we will connec to the hidden service of freenode)

/connect FreenodeTor

Have Doubts/Questions? Please comment down below on the post or email me at BLinuxYT[at]

@Black Linux/Skyie/AutoBotIRC - Buuuuurp Geeky! = localhost, which means the xShellz server you are on would need to be running a Tor relay (which I don't believe is the case). The basics are there though (and this would work off-shell if you had a running Tor relay).
DBG    May 26 2017

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