Apr 30 2017

xShellz 2.0 stable has been released
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Hello xShellzers,
we were working on this 2.0 release about 6 months.

Complete xShellz code base has been rewritten into modular components.

Short technical background:
We're using PHP as a backend for xShellz website and Python for MQTT (shell operations). IPC is custom written and communicates between PHP and Python.
For a frontend, we're using jQuery, Angular 1.*, and as usual gulp/npm/bower for automation build.
Custom CI tool has been developed, which reports to xShellz Staff at IRC.

So, what's new?

No more !info !approve on #xShellz IRC. #xShellz is now support only. (!keep is still allowed on both irc and web)
Manage your shell via xPanel.
Xinfo has its own page now

Shell operations are now 10 times faster than before.

You can also track irc channel in realtime here

We're now using OAuth2.
API docs and demo/try are available here and here

Webhooks for your shell operations has been implemented as well (check docs).
Cheers; it's nice that the IRC channel will just be for random chatter/help instead of setup/config as well :) - I wasn't expecting webhooks, it was worth the wait!
DBG    May 01 2017
Yeah, with webhooks you can do whatever you want with your shell operation callbacks. Also full API for shell operations is releasing soon, along with one neat feature called packages, which will allow full shell automation.
Staff StephenS    May 01 2017
I really like the IRC realtime project. And also the interface is a lot smoother and faster. I am also looking forward for the packages features.
Staff Som    May 06 2017
It's amazing. I've been looking forward to it's release :)
Staff saapete    May 07 2017
Great work StephenS, I know its been a ton of work and its nice to see the outcome go live. +1 on the realtime IRC project, that is very neat!
GoW    May 07 2017

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