@StephenS: This issue has been resolved, try to readd your cron entry.
Missing crontab
 Uriei   Oct 27 2018
@StephenS: Hello, go to xPanel and select your shell with status "Shell...
My shell won't be completed
 Xpertvpshacker   Sep 15 2018
@StephenS: This issue has been fixed as of now.
Llevo 10 minutos esperando la creacion de mi shell... [FIXED]
 vjosberx   Jul 15 2018
@StephenS: You can add that to your ~/.bashrc file.
Can you set an alias on login here? [SOLVED]
 Kumbaya   May 31 2018
@StephenS: Try another port.
free services
 memew   Mar 08 2018