@StephenS: No, this is a shell provider, not a VPS.
can I use root
 mokaomka   Sep 27 2019
@StephenS: You had too many concurrent connections inside of your shell...
Why did my shell get banned?
 jmacdaddywack   Aug 14 2019
@StephenS: psyBNC is not on the server as it's deprecated. You should u...
-bash: getPSY: command not found
 mihaix   Aug 13 2019
@StephenS: You have reached your 100MB hdd limit, you need to remove so...
sda3: write failed, user block limit reached.
 tzman   Jun 11 2019
@StephenS: Hello, we have just checked, and vHosts are working. Can you...
whats going on now?
 IMrEwt   Apr 25 2019