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shell down
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Hi, what's happening to the free shell?
Thanks for fixing the server.

No text web browsers are installed: Lynx, Links, or eLinks. I know Lynx was previously installed. I can't remember if Links or eLinks were. It's useful to have all of them, because some webpages will work with one but not another. Thanks.
Alicesabo    2 weeks ago
lynx has been installed.
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
Thank you for installing Lynx.

At the beginning of the server outage, I got a message when logging in that " WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!" I accepted the new key. After that, I didn't get that message until today when the server came back. Now xshellz wants the original host key, the one in effect before the outage.

Can you explain why that happened? It was one reason why I was concerned there had been an intrusion.
Alicesabo    2 weeks ago
The host key has changed because the server was in rescue mode, which has a whole new ssh config/keys etc. We have restored all the data from the previous to the new server, thus having an old key set in place.
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
OIC. Thanks for explaining. I realize there must have been a huge amount of work to reconstitute the server from scratch. Thanks for that effort.
Alicesabo    2 weeks ago

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