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shell down
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Hi, what's happening to the free shell?
I am logged onto the system - MANY THANKS !

... I see many errors while trying to run early compiled stuff - and trying to recompile it - like these:

undefined reference to `tputs'

undefined reference to `tgetnum'

error while loading shared libraries:

--- StephenS - can you do as root 'apt install -y libncurses-dev' please ?

Thank in advance!
tmh    2 weeks ago
libncurses-dev is now installed, is it working now?
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
StephenS - 1st stuff has compiled OK, Thanks !

And - small question - chsh: /bin/tcsh is an invalid shell

can you also install 'tcsh', pls ?:) I've started to use internet on freebsd machines long time ago and I use tcsh all the time everywhere :) Thanks in advance!

PS. I noticed this - [email protected]:~$ quota

quota: Cannot open quotafile /home/aquota.user: No such file or directory
tmh    2 weeks ago
nice, tcsh is installed as well.
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
StephenS - all working as needed - Many Thanks !!! :)
tmh    2 weeks ago
thanks to you and the team. job well done (and much appreciated)
BadBadBoy    2 weeks ago
Million thanks, StephenS! You're the best and you know it :D
SonnyBonds    2 weeks ago
Many thanks StephenS!

'xshellzhelp' isn't working:

[email protected]:~$ xshellzhelp

-bash: xshellzhelp: command not found

The other XShellZ commands, as 'freeport', shows the same result.

Can you fix it please ?
iacops    2 weeks ago
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
It works, thanks!
iacops    2 weeks ago

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