3 weeks ago

shell down
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Hi, what's happening to the free shell?
The server was not hacked and no unauthorized access occured according to our audit. All the data is perfectly safe. The issue was that some users abused the free tier of the system to the limits and we had to make some adjustments. This issue is mostly related with the hardware or misconfiguration in the network interfaces. We are trying to fix it, but it requires input from the datacenter as well.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
@StephenS Thank you for your precious work,

XshellZ has always worked great and I'm sure it will keep doing so after this glitch.

A happy user
iacops    3 weeks ago
patience peopole. we all WILL survive without the free shell for a few days. (if barely ;) )
BadBadBoy    3 weeks ago
ok, strange thing is I got an email that did inform me about a new comment on this thread ... but I cannot see anything new here. so pardon me asking if there is any update available on the situation?

I am mainly asking cause I am running an eggdrop on a channel and peopole are missing the functions the bot is providing. so I would appreciate being able to give them a rough estimate about when the bot will be able to come back.
BadBadBoy    3 weeks ago
Probably someone posted and then removed the comment.
The server should be back by the end of the week.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
StephenS: Thank you ! :)
tmh    3 weeks ago
BadBadBoy    3 weeks ago
Thanks for the update @StephenS, appreciate your help!
wyldstallyns    3 weeks ago
Simply one of the hard-to-find best services out there that I've been using for 'free' since 2016. If it wasn't for Xshellz I wouldn't know what the heck SSH is.
SonnyBonds    2 weeks ago
Free server is live. If you notice some changes or some packages missing, let us know. We're going to keep monitoring it closely.

Happy shelling.
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago

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