@trttl: The free server's ip is For more see: https...
How can i see my shell s ip
 MinecraftPVP   Aug 16 2018
@trttl: Running any type of server is [b]not[/b] allowed for free us...
Problem with starting minecraft server
 ClintBarton   Jul 26 2018
@trttl: After editing your .bashrc file, you need to source it (sour...
Can you set an alias on login here? [SOLVED]
 Kumbaya   May 31 2018
@trttl: Your shell is ready to use. Go to xshellz.com/xpanel and sel...
Username already exists, please choose another one.
 cce   Nov 02 2017
@trttl: Our free and TurboUS servers went down for a while, but they...
My irc server is not accessable. can't SSH in either
 SemiColon   Oct 22 2017