@StephenS: Thanks, we are working hard to improve our service.
Iam liking
 hellspawn   Jan 13 2012
@StephenS: uk.xshellz.com is an address where you can visit it for all ...
Great News! NEW SERVER in the group!
 StephenS   Jan 09 2012
@StephenS: This is updated thread.
Contest for the best xShellz Logo!
 StephenS   Jan 07 2012
@StephenS: Well we found someone, which seems to be a very cool guy, th...
xShellz have a special offer for one US member!
 StephenS   Dec 06 2011
@StephenS: Yeah, we know :) Thank you for the feedback.
xShellz Uptime and What users say about us?
 StephenS   Jan 03 2012