Apr 19 2019

TurboUS diagnostic tests
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As part of our commitment to provide the best solutions for your services, we're sending you this notice to inform you of a diagnostic tests affecting TurboUS server.

Maintenance type:
Diagnostic Tests

Reason for Maintenance:
We will be checking network connectivity, RAM, HDD and CPU. (There is an issue with SSH login to the TurboUS server - TurboUS server and it's processes are all active)

Estimated amount of downtime:
We understand the importance in minimizing downtime while performing any type of tests and for that reason we will do everything we can to speed up the process. We expect no more than ~2 hours of downtime during the maintenance window.

We do apologize for any inconvenience these unforeseen issues may pose to you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

I need to learn how to convert GMT+2 to EDT. I thought that was 4:00pm EDT??

CGSHELL    Apr 19 2019
Hello, you are right, however we have started two hours earlier due to peak times being after 4PM in the US.

This is out of our power since the same error keeps occuring after some time, so we need to diagnose turbous hardware.
Staff StephenS    Apr 19 2019
no worries at all. I really thought I had calculated wrong. I am a big fan and admire your fast responses and how you always try to stay on top of things... and of course how you are always there to help me in my technical time of need.
CGSHELL    Apr 19 2019
Thank you for your kind words. We are in process of finalizing diagnostic tests and server should be available soon.
Staff StephenS    Apr 19 2019
Diagnostics are done. Thanks for being patient during these tests, you can proceed using turbous server.

We will be doing cron checks for our users, to ensure that after each reboot you have your services up and running without any issue.
Staff StephenS    Apr 19 2019
Since after diagnostic tests the same issues appears again, we have decided to replace current server with the new one. Your files will remain intact and will be transfered to this new server (IP's will remain the same as well).

Replacement will occur this week and downtime should be minimal (expected 30 minutes).
Staff StephenS    Apr 23 2019
Thank you for the update.
evlthecat    Apr 23 2019
We're migrating TurboUS to the whole new server (expected downtime 10 minutes).
Staff StephenS    Apr 25 2019
Migration is done, we are booting your processes.

If you encounter any kind of problem, let us know via ticket.

Thank you for understanding and your patience.
Staff StephenS    Apr 25 2019

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