@IMrEwt: wow 42 views and no response. lol. Do you guys use anope...
Anope services mail sending registrations
 IMrEwt   Oct 13 2020
@IMrEwt: it must be... mine gave me all kinds of errors.. First thing...
Is TurboUS down?
 CGSHELL   Dec 06 2019
@IMrEwt: NVM that was an old issue.. lol. weird everything crashed an...
Suspended for not paying invoice but i paid annually a few months ago? Anyone else see this error or just me?
 IMrEwt   Dec 06 2019
@IMrEwt: now the front page says banned on free shell lol.. dont know...
whats going on now?
 IMrEwt   Apr 25 2019
@IMrEwt: yeh lol, was bragging on my 1 year or more uptime haha. cool...
TurboUS down??
 IMrEwt   Mar 07 2019