@Crucio: Hi, please read through the guide http://www.egghelp.org/enh...
script eggdrop
 Handoyo   Dec 19 2016
@Crucio: Kudos trttl! That was very exhaustive and newbie-friendly. G...
 trttl   Sep 09 2016
@Crucio: Great set of tutorials, really helpful!
How to create ssh/shell and configure znc, eggdrop and more with [VIDEO]
 StephenS   Jun 22 2016
@Crucio: We'll be up soon with more awesome features..!! We thank yo...
Free server will be functional today
 StephenS   Jun 15 2016
@Crucio: Perfecto
xShellz.com just went responsive!
 StephenS   Jun 04 2016