Jun 21 2017

How to transfer files to and from your shell account using scp
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scp is based on cp and OpenSSH and is a convenient way to move files to and from your xshellz account.

Let's say you want to copy a file from your local computer to your shell.
First, you will need to find out the path to your xshellz home directory by typing
$ cd && pwd

here, "you" represents your username on xshellz
$ scp fileToCopy [email protected]:/path/to/homedir/

Note that there is a colon between and the path to where you will be saving your file.

You can also transfer an entire directory by using the -r switch:
$ scp -r yourDirectory [email protected]:/path/to/homedir/

It also works in reverse (you can download something from your shell and save it to your local machine). Just reverse the arguments like this:
$ scp [email protected]:/path/to/homedir/fileToDownload /local/save/path

That's it!
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