Aug 25 2016

How to setup SSL on your website for FREE with cPanel
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Hey there, recently I was in urge to setup test machine and server to work with https, as a testing environment for xShellz. Since we use cPanel (not a big fan of it) on a test machine, I run into small issue which I would like to cover.

I would like to recommend a LetsEncrypt for providing SSL certificate for our xShellz service test environment FREE of charge. For more details about setting it up check this thread.

The process at sign up and getting ssl cert is pretty straightforward.

If you are on linux machine, first you need to generate csr and private key.
openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout your_name.key -out your_name.csr

Then get unencrypted key with this:
openssl rsa -in your_name.key -out my_unencrypted_key.pem

After that go to your cPanel and click SSL/TLS Manager. Click on Manage SSL sites.
Over here, simply select your domain, paste CRT and your key, but as unencrypted, since cPanel will complain if you paste it as encrypted one. You can leave CA bundle empty, as usually, serv is the one who fetches it from some repo, so no need for this field.

After this, check your website: https://someurl.tld

If you have any issues, we're here to help.
Update for any people/users: StartSSL is a big issue now. More info here:
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