Apr 10 2016

How to compile WeeChat
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*** This assumes you have a compiler ready. ***
***This guide will also tell you some basic WeeChat stuff. ***
Okay, so you want to use WeeChat on your shell (or wherever else), and you don't want to install the package (or don't want to/don't have access).
1. cmake, make
2. wget, and a shell that is capable of running .sh files
-- Installing WeeChat --
For now, I have hosted it on my VPS. You can get the script now by:
wget && chmod +x && ./

-- After Install --
It should give you the location of your WeeChat install. Change directory to your install:
cd ~/wc/bin

Then, run WeeChat:

After that, you should see a screen like this image: this image.
That's boring. Let's spice it up a bit.
Let's add freenode to our server list.
/server add freenode -ssl

If you want to auto-connect to freenode on startup, then add -autoconnect to the command.
Once you add freenode, you can connect to it via this command:
/connect freenode

Once you are connected, go ahead and identify to your nickname if you need to.
Once you are all done with that, it should be kind of like this: this image right here.
There you go. Join some channels, do some chatting.
Nicely done imrekt :)
saapete    Apr 11 2016
I might be making another one soon, but I dunno.
BASHed    Jul 29 2016
can you reupload the script??
Frostbite    May 22 2018

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