How to install ZNC
Oct 09 2015

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ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer and is the only bouncer that is currently supported.It logs messages ZNC is pre-installed on all xshellz servers, you just have to configure it :) Which is very easy.
Step 1: First open your shell (SSH to it) then type
znc --makeconf

Step 2: When the program asks
[ ?? ] Listen on port (1025 to 65534):
Type a number between 1025 and 65534 this is your port so remember this port, as you will need it
Step 3: Next
[ ?? ] Listen using SSL (yes/no) [no]:
You probably don't want SSL, or don't know what this means, just type no
Step 4: The next one will be
[ ?? ] Listen using both IPv4 and IPv6 (yes/no) [yes]:
just press enter
If you got
[ !! ] Unable to bind [Address already in use]
then someone else is using that port, just repeat from Step 1 to 4, but changing the port at Step 1
Step 5: at
[ ?? ] Username (alphanumeric):
Type your shell account (or anything else) for its your username, remember this too
Step 6: At
[ ?? ] Enter password:
Type a password for your account at ZNC, don't worry if nothing is being displayed as you type, its not shown for the security. then repeat your password at
[ ?? ] Confirm password:

Step 7: At
[ ?? ] Nick [your username]:
Type what your IRC nick is to be
Step 8: At
[ ?? ] Alternate nick [your username]:
Type what your IRC nickname is to be if your specified nickname is not available.
Step 9: At
[ ?? ] Ident [your username]:
just press enter, because xShellz has an ident daemon
Step 10: At
[ ?? ] Real name [Got ZNC?]:
Type what your IRC real name is to be
Step 11: At
[ ?? ] Bind host (optional):
Just press enter or see VHosts and type an IP which corresponds to your current server
Step 12: At
[ ?? ] Set up a network? (yes/no) [yes]:
Type yes
Step 13: At
[ ?? ] Name [freenode]:
Type the name of your IRC server
Step 14: At
[ ?? ] Server host []:
type its host if its freenode
Step 15: At
[ ?? ] Server uses SSL? (yes/no) [yes]:
type yes if your IRC server supports SSL, else no
Step 16: At
[ ?? ] Server port (1 to 65535) [6697]:
Type your server's public port, its probably 6697 if iyour server supports SSL or 6667 if its a standard port
Step 17: At
[ ?? ] Server password (probably empty):
Type the password to your IRC server, or if you don't know one, just press enter
Step 18: At
[ ?? ] Initial channels:
Type the channels that you want ZNC to join when you first connect
Step 19: At
[ ?? ] Launch ZNC now? (yes/no) [yes]:
type yes

Voila!! Your znc should be up and running! Have a coffee :P
now, to connect to it, type
/server <port you specified earlier> <your username>/<network>:<password>
on your IRC client.
Now, you will be online 24/7 :D And your ZNC will save a buffer for you until you get back ;)

If you want to edit more settings, goto<your port> and login using your username and password! and you can edit at the ease of your mind!

if you want to make your znc restart itself when it gets killed or when the server is restarted, type
export VISUAL=nano; crontab -e

Then at the end of the line, add the line
*/10 * * * * /usr/local/bin/znc >/dev/null 2>&1
which checks if your znc is running every 10 minutes and
@reboot /usr/local/bin/znc >/dev/null 2>&1
which starts the znc if the server restarted.
Then press Ctrl+x then y and press enter.

Its OVER! :P
GJ!! Smurfs are smiling.
mode    Oct 09 2015
lol :P
noteness    Oct 09 2015
this shit didnt work worth a damn for me i tried for a couple hours and followed all the instructions....
spek    Dec 06 2015
Didn't work for me either.
DrFard    Dec 09 2015
@spek @DrFard what error are you getting?
Staff StephenS    Dec 14 2015
[09:41] <Invasionist> listservers
[09:41] <*status> +===============+======+=====+======+
[09:41] <*status> | Host | Port | SSL | Pass |
[09:41] <*status> +===============+======+=====+======+
[09:41] <*status> |* | 6697 | SSL | |
[09:41] <*status> +===============+======+=====+======+
[09:41] <*status> Cannot connect to IRC (Network is unreachable). Retrying...
invasionist    Jul 04 2016
Thank you for this great step by step guide!! :)
Tutenkhamun    Oct 11 2016
Port [redacted] is free.
[redacted]@xshellz-free:~/scripts$ znc --makeconf
[ . . . ]
[ >> ] [pid: redacted]
[ ** ] ZNC 1.6.1 -
[ . . . ]
03> <redacted> wait for it
03> redacted ([email protected]) has joined
03> Chanserv gives channel operator status to redacted
testegg    Apr 30 2017

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