How to install psybnc on shell
Feb 02 2012

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The easiest way how to install psybnc is to use this package

tar -zxvf psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz

cd psybnc


nano psybnc.conf

( edit port ; save psybnc.conf )

Muito bom.
xmatheus    Mar 24 2012
for psybnc it`s need a archive ..or we can use a shell command?
Sorian    Mar 29 2012
You need to download archive and then to unpack it, configure and compile.
Staff StephenS    Apr 02 2012
thankyou :)
born    Jan 21 2014
how to add user for psybnc? i try /adduser but command noy found
sotengboy    Jan 26 2014
How to download archive?
GoldenLord    Feb 25 2014
I installed one but when i try to connect on IRC, its says \"Connection Refused\"..
gazparluna    Apr 09 2014
undeadgv@xshellz-free:/home$ wget
--2015-10-29 00:25:36--
Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’
undeadgv    Oct 29 2015
delectras    Jul 03 2017
/quote pass where i can get this pass? same with shells pass?
paktua    May 30 2018

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