May 30 2014

MasterUK server is here!
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We have another new server in our rack. It\'s located in UK with 20+ IPv4 IP\'s. If you want to switch over or buy a shell at MasterUK server, contact us.
taieb    Jun 25 2014
# - Free Shell Account Provider
Free shell linux account provider. Distro: Debian 6 x32 (i686) in Europe (NL). You can run IRC bouncers, compile your code with gcc, use irssi for chit-chat and much more. Sign up for free package at
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral This Week 55
GooG    Aug 01 2014
And as soon as you can stop kids running bots your shells may actually be worth a ****
26bass    Aug 11 2014
i wonder when ipv6 can be available. ^__^ cheers!
scanserv    Sep 07 2014

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