Mar 19 2019

Not run psyBNC on IRC
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Personally, I set up in Shell one (psyBNC), it's running normal, it does not work on IRC, it gives this message:

18:05:10; * Connection to (7070)

18:05:12; * Could not connect to server (Connection declined)

It's because it's free ?
Paste your psybnc.conf
plusin    Mar 21 2019
plusin, Changed the door and it worked, I'm also using the ZNC, which is more current.
skyfighter    Mar 21 2019
Great :) yes, znc its better, greetings!
plusin    Mar 21 2019
Hi plusin, Much better even LoL. Greetings. :))
skyfighter    Mar 21 2019

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