Sep 22 2018

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Hi, I lost my eggdrop and config files. How can I get it back? I didnt reactivate my account for some months, but I thought it would still be there, or is it permanently removed?
Please open a ticket regarding this issue at We will see what we can do for that.
Staff Som    Sep 22 2018
my eggdrop bot wont install at all i have try everything i know how to get it to work and all.
DaWolf    Dec 15 2018
<p dir="ltr">eggdrop is already installed on all xShellz servers, type 'eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf' (without the quotes) to run it. If you don't have eggdrop.conf generate one using xShellz eggdrop generator: . Also make sure to check our video tutorial on How to setup eggdrop on xShellz servers:
Staff Som    Dec 16 2018

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