Feb 27 2018

Free shell creation is finally allowed
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After some time, we have finally allowed sign ups on the new server.

This server runs on the latest kernel and on the latest Debian release stretch , version 9.

What's new for existing users?

Latest patches, new versions of existing packages, however everything should work seamlessly. Also reboot was needed, so if you had cron setup, your services are running seamlessly as well.

Please Note: The Free Server IP has been changed. So if you had used any IP for your configuration files please update them. Check here for updated IP .

What's new on the server overall?

Security updates

Much much bigger HDD space.

More RAM

Faster server running on the latest version of Debian.

New IP


speed change internet?
pashabiceps    Feb 27 2018
What do you mean by that? We have changed the infrastructure so dl/up may be slower, but shouldnt cause any connection issues.
Staff StephenS    Mar 02 2018

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