Dec 07 2017

Connect with putty
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How to connect with putty and where is my login detail?
You can get all your login details at https://www.xshellz.com/xpanel . Use hostname as shell.xshellz.com , port : 22 and click open. It should then ask for username and password.

Remember: both username and password are case sensitive.
Staff Som    Dec 07 2017
after I login and I try to command something but it want me to put password again and then nothing happen to my command.
pota    Dec 07 2017
Change your password from xpanel and try logging in again. Also please explain your problem clearly to us so that we may help you.
Staff Som    Dec 07 2017
when i try to command sudo.....

then it asks me for password..after i put password, it said "pota is not in the sudoers files..."..if i don put sudo, i get no permission..
pota    Dec 07 2017
You don't get sudo privileges with our shells. If you need sudo access consider buying a VPS plan http://belthosting.com/vps .
Staff Som    Dec 07 2017
You can connect to telnet using the command "telnet shell.xshellz.com telnet_port" (without quotes).
Staff Som    Dec 20 2017
Please guys someone tell me why is this happening:

When i try to edit anything in the sftp it says i dont have permission
KhaledYT    Mar 01 2018

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