4 days ago

Connect with putty
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How to connect with putty and where is my login detail?
You can get all your login details at https://www.xshellz.com/xpanel . Use hostname as shell.xshellz.com , port : 22 and click open. It should then ask for username and password.

Remember: both username and password are case sensitive.
Staff Som    4 days ago
after I login and I try to command something but it want me to put password again and then nothing happen to my command.
pota    4 days ago
Change your password from xpanel and try logging in again. Also please explain your problem clearly to us so that we may help you.
Staff Som    4 days ago
when i try to command sudo.....

then it asks me for password..after i put password, it said "pota is not in the sudoers files..."..if i don put sudo, i get no permission..
pota    4 days ago
You don't get sudo privileges with our shells. If you need sudo access consider buying a VPS plan http://belthosting.com/vps .
Staff Som    4 days ago

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