Aug 31 2017

Slow internetspeed
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I am able to establish a connection, but the internetspeed is 1/10 of what I'm used to, is this normal?
It's not normal, our server is working as usual, it's an issue on your end, check with your system administrator.
Staff StephenS    Sep 01 2017
Maybe it is because of my free account?

Or having my habitat in Europe?

I am the system admin...

What I have done is running this command: $ sudo sshuttle -r [email protected] -vv
and after this adding my password.

Is this okay?

Peelske    Sep 01 2017
You are not using vanilla SSH protocol, but some variation of proxy SSH sshuttle, we advice you to disable it and try with vanilla ssh.
Staff StephenS    Sep 02 2017

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