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Questions About GitHub Repository
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I am a Windows User, wanting to setup a GitHub Private Repository using the server shell provided- just for fun, as a learning ordeal.
The tutorial I see for it, is using a linux terminal I believe to generate an SSH Key, how do I do this on windows, and Link it to the shell. Thanks and I really appreciate the ability to use this service :)
Hi. Thanks for choosing us! If you're on Windows and you are already familiar with PuTTY, you can try PuTTYgen to generate SSH key pairs. Or, as Stefan's video tutorial suggests, you can set up on your Windows machine a GNU/Linux virtual box, then you can do the tutorial step by step.
Staff trttl    3 weeks ago
You can create a free shell, then run ssh-keygen -t rsa to generate ssh keys, and the rest of the tutorial applies. If you have any issues, let us know.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago

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