May 30 2017

How to login as root
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anyone has try to login the server as root?, please tell me how to login as root, I have try as below but always fail

[email protected]:/home$ sudo su
[sudo] password for supermannotdead:
supermannotdead is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
[email protected]:/home$ su
su: Authentication failure
[email protected]:/home$

Thanks ...maybe this can little help you.... dont be shy bro..... :D
kucoy    May 30 2017
If you need root access, you need to rent a VPS, no way is xshellz giving you root on their Shell servers.
robdrake    May 30 2017
@robdrake is right. You can't login as root or perform sudo commands on our shells. If you need them then you need to buy a VPS .
Staff Som    May 30 2017

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