Apr 14 2017

MasterUK hdd replacement
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MasterUK is changing hdd and reinstalling system to affect the latest kernel update.

This can take from 12-24 hours + system rsync with the old hdd.

While server will be online, you can expect some downtime and I/O errors, due to upgrade.
server still down?
freshjans    Apr 15 2017
The host is responsive (ping, SSH) but I don't have credentials to that server. Are you trying to connect with issues or were you just curious about the status?
DBG    Apr 15 2017
Server is still down
Staff saapete    Apr 15 2017
Estimated time frame when it will be up? Thanks..
freshjans    Apr 15 2017
Sometime later today. I don't have an exact time for you.
Staff saapete    Apr 15 2017
It should take from 2 to 14 hours to get server in a ready state. Thanks for being patient.
Staff StephenS    Apr 15 2017
HDD has been fixed and server is fully operational now.
Staff StephenS    Apr 16 2017

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