Dec 18 2016

how to change vhosts and changes another network
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plz help me
You can go here and change to one of those, depending on which server you are.
Staff StephenS    Dec 18 2016
Im trying to change my vhost
Im connectig to these servers via putty shell.xshellz.com IPv4 ca1.shell.xshellz.com IPv4 ca2.shell.xshellz.com IPv4 ca3.shell.xshellz.com IPv4

and then run my eggdrop, but my ip is always the same. (
Is this normal?
the ip of the bot doesnt change when I connect to other vhost and restart the bot?
maybe im confused, I hope someone can help me.

Jano    Dec 21 2016
set my-ip needs to be changed in your eggdrop.conf
Staff StephenS    Dec 21 2016
Thanks StephenS, that worked fine.
Jano    Dec 22 2016

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