Nov 20 2016

Question about remote backup options
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Until fairly recently I was using sshfs to mount my xshellz home directory to make a backup of old IRC logs. Without any change to configuration on my end (I can provide more details if need be) it suddenly stopped being a viable option. Every time I'm trying to use sshfs I'm getting "read: Connection reset by peer" status message.

Here is the command I was using:

sudo sshfs [email protected]:/home/d/devacs/ /mnt/Remote
(location of the mount was also in my local home directory if that matters)

Was there something done during last time free server went offline? Are there some other ways to do backups that you can recommend? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this command was working not that long ago so I'm stumped a bit. It's hardly a priority issue, but I'm not gonna lie: the more time passes the more stressed about backups I get. I'm sure that you can understand it yourselves as admins ;).

Thanks in advance!
try using a different vhost and not . OVH is having issues with that vhost and a lot of our user IPs seem to be blocked or we lag into the server. There are 3 other vhosts you can use. Look under vhosts. Thanks
Staff saapete    Nov 20 2016
Backup done without any further problems.

Thank you! Both for fix and quick response.
devacs    Nov 20 2016

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