Oct 25 2016

Server is down
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The server is down for some time already, when will it be back up?
We're fixing and updating free server. It should be up in a less than 24 hours.
Staff StephenS    Oct 25 2016
Thank you
jank    Oct 25 2016
devacs    Oct 25 2016
Ah thanks for the update. :)
DreamMaster    Oct 25 2016
More than 24h passed... How's it going?
jank    Oct 26 2016
The issue is found and resolved. We're restoring files from a snapshot. Server should be available in the next 10 hours.

Thanks for your patience.
Staff StephenS    Oct 26 2016
Now what's the ETA?
robdrake    Oct 27 2016
I see ssh server works, but I can't connect to it right now. neither my key, nor password work.
Do you still work on it's restore?
cyga    Oct 27 2016
I know you are all eager to get back onto the free server, but we cannot bring it back online before it is ready and if you keep asking us and we stop to keep telling you that you take away from us working on the free server and getting it ready. We said we would update you when it was ready. Check the topic in channel #xShellz on the freenode network for updates. Please let us do our jobs. Thank you for your ...patience.
Staff saapete    Oct 27 2016
Thanks everyone for the wait. We have recovered free server and it's now working with full capacity.
[IMPORTANT NOTE] Any users, which have used ssh keys, should re-attach those via xPanel. Simply detach current ssh key, and attach it again.

Thanks for understanding and have a nice day.

-xShellz Team.
Staff StephenS    Oct 27 2016

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