Jul 27 2016

Root access
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Cmd su, sudo, sudo -i, etc.... Not allowing root access....Help?!?!
Root access isn't allowed, only the admins have it
BASHed    Jul 29 2016
BASHed is correct. You are getting a free shell not a free VPS. If there is a program you would like added to a server please ask one of the server admins and if it is allowed we can add it for you. You are also allowed to install programs locally in your home directory as long as you don't go over any of your limits on your shell per our T.O.S. (The programs also have to be allowed per our T.O.S.) If you have any further questions feel free to ask in the #xShellz support channel on the freenode network. Thanks
Staff saapete    Jul 30 2016
Oooh, I just wanted to install the Mosquitto broker. What a pity.
osqui    Aug 08 2016
Please ask for an admin _in_ the channel #xshellz on the freenode network and wait for a response if you would like something installed on a server or you can send us a ticket here on the website if you are requesting it on the free server. (TurboUS and MasterUK customers can use the ticket support system here or by emailing [email protected]) Thanks :)
Staff saapete    Aug 10 2016
hi i want to add some Perl Modules
hegaa    Sep 08 2016
hegaa add what you need locally (if rules allow it on the server you are located on). AND as I stated before when requesting items to be added please say what your shell name is and what server it is on or we do not know where to add something if it is deemed feasible. You can also leave your request on the /contact tab here on our website or email [email protected] Thank you :)
Staff saapete    Sep 08 2016
i want to add some Perl Modules
i want to add the module ( Parallel::ForkManager )
my host :
my user name : hegaa
hegaa    Sep 09 2016
Hi admin, can you install heroku cli on shell?
fadli    May 01 2017

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