May 18 2016

How to get PAID shell for FREE with doing almost nothing / part 2
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Following the very successful campaign last year, we're doing it again. This year we giveaway 10 paid shells for free again!

All you have to do is:

1) make/use xShellz logo

2) play some music and dance with the logo / record yourself in a video, holding the sign of xShellz (can be without music aswell)
Tip: You can wear a mask or you are free to hide your face. You can wear costume too.

3) upload video to YouTube (or any other video streaming service) with the description "" and send us the link to [email protected]

After that you will get access to your paid shell account.

Keep in mind that we are giving away only 10 paid shells for free, starting 18th May, so hurry up!

Top prize will be IRCd1 plan free for a year! You will get your own IRC server for free.

One of dances, last year: YouTube #xShellz video
FREE bot/znc shell account for a year, on one of our paid servers of your choice TurboUS or MasterUK. You just need to make a video you showing us your moves and upload it to the net (see above). If anonymity is important to you, just a few ideas, some of the guys last year used hats and handkerchiefs over their face or held the xShellz in front of their faces while making the video. Be original, have fun and good luck. :)
saapete    May 19 2016
StephenS if you get 10 entries good enough to win the best should get the entry level IRCd free for a year. Now that would be an awesome prize that other shell companies don't offer. Because they aren't as awesome as we are :P
saapete    May 19 2016
Now those are some good prizes. Let's get dances you guys and girls. He's giving out an IRCd1 plan free for a year!!!!
saapete    May 21 2016
ChooseCK    Jun 04 2016
Después de la exitosa campaña del año pasado, hemos decidido hacerla nuevamente. Este año regalaremos 10 shells pagado libre! Todo lo que tienes que hacer es:
1) Crear / Usar el logotipo de xShellz
2) Reproducir alguna música y un baile con el logo / Grabado en un video, sosteniendo el logo de xShellz.
Consejo: Usted es libre de ocultar su rostro, puede usar una máscara si lo desea. También pueden usar un traje.
3) Subir el video a Youtube (o cualquier otro servicio de video streaming) con la descripción "" y nos envia el enlace a [email protected].
Luego tendrá acceso a la cuenta shell de pago.
Tenga en cuenta que solo estamos regalando 10 shells pagados en forma gratuita, a partir del 18 de Mayo, así que date prisa!
El primer premio será un IRCD plan gratuito durante un año! Obtendrá su propio servidor IRC de forma gratuita. (Translation gracias a ChooseCK)
saapete    Jun 05 2016

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