Mar 08 2016

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Hi !
I've seen there are sometimes changes to server, updates etc.

I tried using crontab to start ZNC automatically on crash, reboot etc, but I get "Permission denied".

Is there a possibility to make a request and have a crontab edited by an admin ?
The crontab is broken in the free server. It'll fixed as soon as possible. Inconvenience caused is regretted.
Staff Crucio    Mar 08 2016
Crontabs are now fixed. Please check if it works and kindly get back to us if it doesn't. Thank you.
Staff Crucio    Mar 08 2016
Indeed, I can use crontab -e to edit :)
Thank you very much !

I found 2 articles about znc crontab:



Any advice ?
drtoothy    Mar 08 2016
What advice do you need? Crontabs are fixed on free server.
Staff StephenS    Mar 09 2016
An advice on how should I setup crontab.
I have some examples on that link, but I would like to know your opinions to avoid screwing something up.
drtoothy    Mar 09 2016
@reboot /usr/local/bin/znc >/dev/null 2>&1
will work when server is rebooted and it's fine. You could check if znc is online every 10 mins, but I don't think you need that.
Staff StephenS    Mar 09 2016
Thank you !
drtoothy    Mar 12 2016

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