Dec 21 2015

TurboUS is now active.
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Our brand new DdoS protected server TurboUS ( ) is now active. You can login with your old ssh info, and if you are unable to login, let us know.
If you own IRCD, please check your new email for your new IRCD IP. If you are unable to start your ircd, contact us as soon as possible.
MasterUS is not reachable and will be deprecated in the next 2 weeks. TurboUS server is much more stable and faster than the old MasterUS.

Once you are inside TurboUS shell, type: vhosts to get list of all vhosts on TurboUS.

Thanks for your patience.
appears to be down now :<
schwarz    Dec 30 2015
It's not down.
Staff StephenS    Jan 01 2016

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