Oct 08 2015

Giving away 2 paid shells for free
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Hello, it's that time of the year, when I give away 2 paid shells for free, in duration of 1 year.

You need to be active in our web community and write at least 3 high quality tutorials, using our BBCode. BBCode starts with [somecode] and ends with [/somecode]. BBCode allowed: url, img, code, b, i.
Example of code bbcode:
this is [code] bbc tag

You need to publish 3 HQ tutorials under your name, here.

Once you did that, I'll choose who had the best tutorials.

Tutorials can be tech-related stuff only, and that mostly about bouncers, irc protocol, how to setup eggdrop, IPv4/IPv6, about linux and general programming tutorials.

Do not repeat yourself and good luck!

This will be open until October, 31st 2015.
Also I forgot, if you have any questions about this, comment here, or PM me, and if you make a mistake in a published tutorial, simply PM me and I'll edit it for you. Good luck to all participants.
Staff StephenS    Oct 08 2015

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