Oct 07 2015

new xShellz design and features
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Hey xShellzers, I have a great pleasure to introduce you with brand new xShellz design. Our new GUI/UI should give you better overview of all service we offer you, free and paid.

Also if you find any bugs or have some features to add, be free to contact us.
Paid members can manage their shells from shell panel, and change their passwords.

This feature should also be opened for free users as well.

Thank you for using xShellz, and again be free to leave a comment about what would you want to see new on xShellz and what do you think about new xShellz design.
I think it looks awesome boss.
Staff saapete    Oct 08 2015
new design looks cool. what about change the text font to verdana and use small size font? just a suggestion xD
mon    Oct 08 2015
Evolution time for xshellz. It's fresher, sleeker, better. A candy. Already addicted. Thumbs-up.
mode    Oct 09 2015

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