Aug 06 2015

question to start the znc already created
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I wanted to know how to start again the znc if for reasons of time left I keep, of renewal, since I have it installed and everything but as it is automatic not be as iniciarlizarlo.

A greeting and thanks
Did you compiled the ZNC or used the installed one?

If you used the installed one, aka used znc -c

Just simply type znc
noteness    Aug 07 2015
@noteness Thank you now already could start with znc, after seeing that it was giving a problem of ports used :(
athenea    Aug 08 2015
Then re-configure znc with znc -c overwrite file and connect on it again.
Staff StephenS    Aug 14 2015
Solved, used the comand znc on this shell, and ZNC is running the new from configuration existed.
athenea    Oct 16 2015

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