Feb 10 2012

Free Server ONLINE!
9  3K+ {{}}
Our free server is now online! Its up and running, and everyone who wants, can request an account there! And then again, automatically users who request a shell account for IRC will be passed.
I'm supposed to login and vote every week, to keep my shell running.
Where/how do I vote?
onethingido    Feb 15 2012
Staff StephenS    Feb 16 2012
Quero participar da comunidade.
xmatheus    Mar 24 2012
ok ok ok ok i see but i already have
djangel18    Mar 25 2012
bartron    Apr 28 2012
artur124    May 25 2012
Hi Stephan, I still don\'t understand how to vote. Maybe if you provide a complete link to the \"vote\" button.
P.S. May be you find the request a little dumb, but I really tried to look for the vote option.
zap    Aug 07 2012
i dont have :)
kuningan    Dec 15 2012
great I want a free one
colaus    Dec 19 2012

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