Jan 17 2012

Free Server DOWN
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We are very sorry, but our free server is down at the moment, and it might be down for a very long time. We will try to transfer our old members to the new server, but to avoid abuse, you will need to open a ticket, and describe your problem. For now we have active two servers, and elite xshellz server (Those members are stable). If you feel an urgency to login on ssh, send us a letter or submit a ticket, we will go through each of it and we will check it out.<br>We can't cover all your informations, but on your order, we can give you a backup of your files, and we still allow Elite Membership orders, where you can get SSH access instantly.
Hey i had a shell account... when ll i get it back??
Mandrix    Jan 24 2012
You can open a ticket and wait for a response on transfer your account.
Staff StephenS    Jan 27 2012
Does it means that new account will not be opened in near future?

ivanm101    Feb 08 2012
No, we are working hard to accomplish all requests within the time. It means its temporary down and we don't know when it will be up. It could be up in a few hours or days.
Staff StephenS    Feb 10 2012
xmatheus    Mar 24 2012
i love xshellz we enjoy here
najerih    Jan 03 2014

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