May 06 2013

Recruiting people for Approval System
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To avoid abuse on our free server, we are recruiting so called, people of trust. You will have voice (+) at #xshellz channel on freenode irc network and ability to approve people.
This will make our community more connected.
More info is coming soon!

Be aware that this approval system is still in beta.
how can I apply and be recruited for this?
rastaval    Sep 16 2013
I\'m in, if I can help; just let me know!..:)
kgbme    Sep 28 2013
Let me know where I can help. I can provide any info to prove my trustworthiness
Ryahn    Oct 06 2013
I want to help Stephen ... how can I do that? thanks :)
carlosoctavio    Dec 01 2013
yes. I have time for this
what are the requirements/prerequisites (internet speed , etc...)?

I am graduate IT engineering
rawad1981    Dec 04 2013

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