Dec 31 2012

Happy New 2013 Year!
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Happy New 2013 Year! We are bringing a lot of presents and news. <br />From now, all your orders will be processed with the secure https connection. (SSL).<br /> Also we are giving one free premium package to the random person on this thread. So comment and good luck!

<br /><br />- xShellz Staff.
That sounds cool :). Wish you a Happy New year btw :D
thorne    Dec 31 2012
Happy New Year to every members here at xShellz
rahulthegamer    Dec 31 2012
i cant get away from the snow, snowing out side and on this web site
xevolx    Dec 31 2012
Happy new year to all
This sound cool
ajguille    Jan 01 2013
happy new year to staff and users :) wish luck from slovakia.
nkh    Jan 01 2013
Happy New Year
zz8    Jan 07 2013

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