Nov 06 2023

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Hi, I got banned from irc because of this: https://dronebl.org/lookup?ip= how can i get removed from their list?
same thing happened to me. znc wouldnt connect to efnet or libera chat. it finally reconnected to both
tonyt    Nov 06 2023
Same, I can't connect to Sorcerynet either because of this.
Aurin    Nov 06 2023
It says "listing not active"
Staff StephenS    Nov 06 2023
<*status> Error from server: Closing link: ([email protected]) [Z-Lined: You are listed in DroneBL. Please visit http://dronebl.org/lookup.do?ip=]
Aurin    Nov 06 2023
i got the same exact problem.
bitterinx    Nov 08 2023

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