Oct 19 2023

winscp and putty
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I had to change my SSH/shell password because I apparently wasn't entering the correct one when trying to login through putty and now I've been logged out of winscp and when I entered my new password on winscp it won't connect. I'm also still having a hard time getting my eggdrop on an IRC server. and I can't get help from the #eggdrop channel because they weren't able to help because I'm on a windows computer and I can't get ahold of any staff from xshellz when I'm available in the channel.
I'm now connected to winscp, but I can't "load" my eggdrop when I get on putty. it keeps telling me "cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory" when there is. it won't load my eggdrop's config file
Hailie    Oct 22 2023
not to mention, in my other post about this same issue and same name, I was told to talk to #eggdrop, but they weren't helpful. Can someone from xshellz please help me?
Hailie    Oct 24 2023
why aren't I getting any help?
Hailie    4 weeks ago
This is a third party problem which we cannot handle. We provide shells, and from the message you sent, it seems you can connect to the shell just fine. Any third party problems need to be resolved by the team which develops/owns those apps, in this case eggdrop community.
Staff StephenS    4 weeks ago
I tried asking Putty and they weren't able to help.
Hailie    3 weeks ago
you should try with termux.... scp filename.tar.gz username:[email protected]:/path/you/want/put

its works for me
vrz    3 weeks ago
vrz, I'm confused about that. I don't understand what you are trying to explain. I'm sorry. I have a hard time understanding things sometimes. is there another way to contact you for you to help?
Hailie    3 weeks ago
vrz    3 weeks ago
okay then
Hailie    3 weeks ago
thanks anyway I guess. I'm sorry I have trouble understanding things. not that I can help it though. but fine. I guess I'll find some help somewhere else or whatnot. Thanks anyway.
Hailie    3 weeks ago

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