Aug 30 2023

TurboUS has been upgraded and migrated
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Dear xShellzers,

TurboUS is now using the latest software and distro Debian OS. We have migrated all the files and users to the new server and received new IP blocks, you can see more about available vhosts here . Ensure that you use only IPs listed in the vhosts section for TurboUS.

If you have any issues, as always feel free to open a ticket.
is the server down

[22:19] * Connecting to (19**)


[22:19] * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)
schwarz    Aug 30 2023
Server is online and can be accessed through ssh just fine. Users were migrated to the new IP block, so make sure to use new IP's in the provided list and recompile any service which might use old libraries.
Staff StephenS    Aug 30 2023

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