4 weeks ago

I got banned for no reason I can think of
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Hello, my shell was banned yesterday.

I wasn't doing anything illegal as far as I know, I was in the process of testing a new TCL and rehashing... never ran more than one eggdrop process or anything else.

Can I get some help on this please? :(

each case is unique, so open a ticket to get more details on your shell account being banned.
Staff StephenS    4 weeks ago
Thank you for your reply! I will open a ticket right now.
GuessWho    4 weeks ago
If you are not allowing usage, do not open registration. Everyone's time is precious, so don't try to deceive them.
workmen    5 days ago
We do allow shells and as I can see you are banned due to some illegal activities. Shells which does not compile with our TOS are auto suspended.
Staff StephenS    5 days ago

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